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Argo For Omnisphere 2

Argo For Omnisphere 2 has been released containing 96 dramatic cinematic synth patches. The soundset is moving arounf the expedition of Argonauts like Jason and Heracles to take the Golden Fleece according to Greek Mythology.

Argo For Omnisphere 2 vst
Argo Omnisphere Artwork

The 96 patches are divided in 12 different groups of 8 preset each.

In the soundbank we can listen to a big variety of sonic colors having as base the creation of a dramatic soundbank of synth sounds, ready to be added to various music genres where the cinematic element is needed.

From crazy modulated sounds, dark slow ambient pads, punchy short keys with power in the mid frequencies, some emotional synths, some rhythmic evolving sonic elements there is plenty of stuff to discover.

Having in mind the myth I designed the presets in a way that they convey some people or places that are part of it. Giving a dramatic tone to most of the patches was a crucial goal for me. I would like to make the soundbank ready to fit to some intense music compositions - not only in the cinematic genre, but also to electronica, progressive rock, avant-garde and other.

In this soundbank I have used Ring Modulation techniques in many of the presets to add some extra noticeable intense to the drama - most of the times in lower frequencies. This also lead to some nice "extra" saturation like sonic result.

I also had added some medium evolving synths - experiment reversing the sample (if the patch is sample-based) to add new unique dimensions. A reverb is usually the last device in the whole synth signal flow - from some of them not being used but ready to make its thing.

This soundbank is very profound in sonic terms and try to exploit the characteristics of the various wavetables and samples that come with the synth beast called Omnisphere 2. They may work alone for creating a dramatic song or they could easily be a very important part of hybrid composition with the fellowship of orchestral instruments.

Take a look to all of the presets in the video below

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Until now we have more than 40 soundbanks with some bundles included. Most of Vicious Antelope Omnisphere 2 Packs are suitable for cinematic and electronic music.


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