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Omnisphere 2 Library - Muses: Calliope

A new Omnisphere 2 Library has been released under the name Calliope, consisting of 50 epic synths. This pack is starting our new "Muses" banks line for Spectrasonics behemoth synth. It is inspired by the muse Calliope who according to the old Greek myths was the muse of epic poetry, sometimes referred as the "Muses Chief".

Omnisphere 2 Library
Calliope Omnisphere Soundbank | Artwork

Sonically it is a synthetic sound journey influenced by the same person who infulenced Homer to write his epic poems, Iliad and Odyssey.

The sounds here are majestic and they dominate easily in a whole mix. Despite their middle frequencies, the lack of dynamics and the distortion they carry is what make the presets big and "Epic"

The pack could be used for epic based scores with different epochs reffering, from the ancient years to a futuristic sci-fi enviroment.

Let's listen to some of the included sounds. Calliope 01 is like a hurdy gurdy on a tube amp, Calliope 02 is more synthesizer and Calliope is futuristic and dark. Calliope 07 is so heavy and gravitational, Calliope 11 is moving through the stereo field and Calliope 12 is an epic synth organ.

Calliope 16 is a distorted epic synth, Calliope 17 have this middle frequency punch, Calliope 22 sounds like a guitar bass and Calliope 24 is maybe the most sci-fi oriented sound (almost ready for some epic interstellar scores). Calliope 31 is bigger than life bass synth, Calliope 32 is an almost classical organ with heavy dimensions, Calliope 38 is a bit softer and more resonant, Calliope 42 is a slow majestic synth and Calliope 43 is a multidimensional melodic synth preset.

Full presets demostration video

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