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Free Omnisphere presets - Free Granulars

Our Freebie Friday release today is an atmospheric soundbank with Free Omnisphere presets designed with granular synthesis method. "Free Granulars" contains 20 drone like sounds with heavy ambience and experimental vibes.

Free Omnisphere presets
Free Granulars for Omnisphere 2 | Artwork

Some of the patches were created with custom built samples in our "sound laboratory"

Let's have a journey through the sonic world of this freebie bank for Omnisphere 2.

Free Granular 01 is reminds of a dramatic shepard tone like atmosphere, Free Granular 02 is darker and fuller with epic dimensions, Free Granular 03 is moving in the field like a dusty old and small insect robot trying to fly. Free Granular 04 is ugly and creepy while Free Granular 05 brings some underworld ambiences. Free Granular 06 is like the twin brother of previous patch with some minor differences. Free Granular 07 is a classic drone patch and Free Granular 08 is bright, dizzy and confusing.

Moving forward to Free Granular 10 we have a dystopic world of robots while some helicopters and airplanes are flying and Free Granular 11 brings some dirty wind to the sound. Free Granular 13 is half mechanic-half ambient, Free Granular 14 brings some bells to the stereo field and Free Granular 18 is dusty and bright.

You can grab your free copy of the Free Granulars for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 here:

Video demonstration of presets

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