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Arturia Arp 2600 V3 patches - 10 free presets, Analog Lab Edition Available

Want to create an array of unique and experimental Arp 2600 sounds without having to spend hours patching and tweaking knobs? The X-Arp is here for you! These 10 presets have been carefully crafted in a very experimental way, using Arturia's Arp 2600 V3. This freebie is also compatible with Analog Lab V synthesizer.

The ARP 2600 V by Arturia is a recreation of the original analog synthesizer. The ARP 2600 V is one of the most desired synthesizers ever created, with great sounding capabilities and a vast field of experimentation freedom. It has been used by artists like Genesis and Stevie Wonder.

It has 3 V.C.Oscillators, a nice variety of retro sounding filters, four voltage proccesing modules for further sonic experimentation and a great Sample and Hold module.

All 10 free presets here are using ARP’s classic 1601 sequencer for creating interesting Arps. The sound is very retro - like this compact collection has time travelled here from the 70's.

Presets walkthrough video


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