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Arturia Pigments patches - Solar System The Vacuum contains 72 atmospheric, cinematic synth presets

Space is a harsh and desolate place. The sun, earth, moon and all the other planets in our solar system are all held in place by gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls objects towards the center of mass (or most massive part) of an object. In between universe contains what is known as the vacuum of space, which cannot support life with its extreme conditions. This vacuum was my beacon of ispiration for creating Solar System - The Vacuum soundbank for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. This 72 patches collection introduces our new soundbank series "Solar System"

It is mainly a synth pack that covers the genres of cinematic, game audio music and progressive rock. It was created with a sci-fi essence and has a touch of a "retro" futuristic feeling.

There is a variety of timbres and characteristics within those 72 sounds.

Edges 01 has a lot of dark movement.

Edges 04 is gloomy and analog sounding.

Edges 05 is very atmospheric.

Space Tones 06 is like a sci-fi vocal talking synth with many 70's characteristics - Pink Floyd sonic experimentations influence is heavy here.

The Silence 01 is mellow but out of the sun's sight.

The SIlence 03 has some bright timbres.

The SIlence 05 is so cinematic in terms of adding tension - the same goes for The Silence 06. Timespace 02 sounds like time has been distorted and Timespace 03 sounds nostalgic and futuristic in the same time.

Timespace 04 has a more majestic color in its dimensions and Unearthed 01 is a perfect soundtrack of the Universe's Vacuum. Finally Unearthed 02 includes a strange synthetic space orchestra and Unearthed 06 has a glorious temper.

Those and much more is what can be found within this versatile collection of synths and pads for Pigments and Analog Lab V. All sounds designed within Pigments with unique samples.

Listen to the whole soundbank patches in the video below. No editing, no ready midi clips, just me playing around with those sounds.


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