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Arturia SEM V2 and Analog Lab patches - Someday, 30 vintage synth presets

Someday is a collection of 30 vintage-sounding patches for Arturia SEM V2 and Analog Lab V synths, categorized in three main sections with 10 classic synth keys, 10 classic synth pads, and 10 experimental leads. It's time to sit back, relax and play retro-inspired vintage keys, pads and leads that sound like they were made in the 1970s.

The Arturia sem v2 synth is a software synthesizer that emulates the sounds of a classic analog synthesizer. It can be used by musicians amd producers to create retro based sounds.

The synth presets here primarily focus on producing electronic music, rock, and cinematic-style tracks. They also provide vintage color pallet sonic schemes. that may be useful in a variety of different productions.

The sound pack is available for purchase on the product page here

You could listen to all presets in the video below - hear the chiptune almost temper of Sky Dive patch

Presets walkthrough video


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