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Club Leads for Xfer Serum

If you produce EDM and Big Room House then Club Leads Bundle could be a very useful weapon. It comes with 100 presets of powerful leads that could be used to every part of a modern dance track - intros, build ups, big room drops and breaks - adding melodic aspects or tension sonic elements.

It contains 5 preset packs - each with 20 solo synth patches.

Big room house lead synths are a staple of EDM and dance music. They provide the energy and excitement that make these songs so popular. From the classic sounds of trance to the modern sounds of electro, big room house lead synths have been an integral part of creating these genres

Big room house lead synths are often characterized by their bright, bold sound - useful to cut through the mix. They can be used to create melodic lines or provide a driving force behind a track. With the right combination of effects, they can add depth and texture to any song. Serum synth has a great effect slot section - especially using the multiband compressor is very handy to get the desired sound. Whether you're looking for an uplifting melody or an aggressive rhythm section, Club Leads presets synths can provide it them.


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