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Compact Omnisphere 2 sound pack, softness with 20 Sine wave presets

This soundbank, called Softness, for Omnisphere 2 by Spectrasonics was exclusively created with Sine waves. It's full of 20 soft pads made with a silky and gentle texture. You'll find this pack of 20 pads to be a perfect addition to your Omnisphere presets library

Reverb is very important in the creation of certain types of sounds, like the ones here, as it can add an atmosphere and make them feel bigger. The presets are created with sine waves which is responsible for that soft timbre that you hear with these tones.

The patches here are named with numbers after prefix VA SF Pad. Those pads may have glassy temper, nostalgic feelings, evolving sonic emotions and cinematic flavor.

Listen to PAD 11 timbral uniqueness and PAD 12 orchestral character. PAD 13 has an organic type of sound and PAD 14 is moving among the soundfield in a certain emotional way.

Once again beside using only one type of OSC we could easily listen the capabilities of Omnisphere 2 synth. With its modules and effects we could transform the purest and simplest type of soundwave to a complex emotional sound with many possible ways of using them in our music productions.

All patches video of this soundbank for Omnisphere 2


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