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Dark Equilibrium expanse for U-He Diva with 50 polysynth and organic patches

Ever wish you could get the dark, edgy sound of an analog synth, but with the out-of-this-world sounds of a modern digital synth? Dark Equilibrium is your answer. We've created a soundset for U-he's Diva synthesizer that captures iconic analog synthesis and delivers it in a way that sounds deep and full.

Every detail here is crucial, this sonic character was created with a simple yet sophisticated plan in mind. The creation of synths and organic patches with “never saw the light” temper and subtle movement within the sound field.

Dark Equilibrium 03 is perfect for Phrygian mode melodic quests while the Dark Equilibrium 04 patch has a dirty deep analog character. The Dark Equilibrium 09 is a retrofuturistic gloomy poly and the 16th patch is a deep dive into the black vacuum of the universe. The Dark Equilibrium 18 is an organic preset with steady rhythm pattern and 19th preset is majestic. Moving to the Dark Equilibrium 37 and 38 sound we could listen a saturated flavored sonic timbre.

In a few words:

  • Inspired sonic character patches for cinematic music, progressive rock and heavy metal

  • Dark, cinematic sounds that gets your creative juices flowing.

  • Vintage sonic character for your lower register music needs.

  • 50 deep patches

  • Manual included

Presets walkthrough video

Once again, I found the creation of this soundbank excited – Diva synth is very capable for this kind of stuff. Sure I will create some more preset packs like that with Diva.

Try to keep optimal levels of your synth tracks to avoid digital clipping from the synth’s output for the best sounding results.

DIVA ® is a registered trademark of Heckmann Audio GmbH


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