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Delicate Pads - Arturia Jup8 V4 Presets

A new pack for Arturia Jup8 V4 Presets has been released today under the name Delicate Pads. Also available for Analog Lab V users. It consists of 30 soft evolving through timespace pads.

Arturia Jup8 V4 Presets
Delicate Pads for Jup-8 V4 - Artwork

This soundbank is an ode to retrofuturism sci-fi sounds. I made this one having in mind the soundtrack music for sci-fi movies of the 70's and 80's.

The presets timbre derives from the very distinct elements of the great emulated synth.

So here we have a vintage collection combining beautiful resonant pulsing pads, left-right moving synthetic sounds, epic interstellar colors, analog hollow dark pads, soft moving long synths, dreaming ambient sounds, universe instruments like synths, rhythmic pads with delicate character, rusty flute pads, mellotron like sounds and more.

Despite it only has 30 pads it is very rich in sound context and variety always respecting the character of the synth the Jup-8 v emulates. Take a universal journey to the past with this unique soundbank.

Demonstration video of all presets

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