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EDM Shorts Vol.1 - Serum presets

EDM Shorts Vol.1 for XFer Serum is a collection of pluck presets that sound great in any genre of electronic music. With these 50 scenes, you're able to create an authentic-sounding EDM release, or add just the right flavor to your other EDM tracks. These presets are perfect for producers who want a modern sound without compromising on their creativity and originality.

The serum synth is a very versatile software synthesizer. It has a huge library of presets that can be used in many different genres of music - it really shines in EDM and electronic music subgenres. The serum synth offers the user an amazing amount of flexibility and power with its unique sound engine.

Plucks sounds have a small body in their sound with aggresive attack - their main purpose is to cut through the mix and add melodic, harmonic or rhythmic aspects.

Pluck synths are a popular synth instrument type in trance music. It is a type of synth that creates short, sharp sounds by traditionally plucking the strings on a guitar or other stringed instrument - in synth the place of strings is taken by the Oscillators.

Pluck synths have been used for decades in many genres of music, but it was not until the rise of electronic dance music that they became really popular.

The sound of pluck synths is distinct and unique and can be easily identified in most tracks. This makes them a great choice for producers when they want to quickly add melodic patterns in their tracks.

That is the main story begind EDM Shorts for Xfer Serum synthesizer - 50 modern touched plucks for electronic music.

Presets walkthrough video


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