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Epic Omnisphere 2 Soundbank - Prometheus Released

If you are searching for some epic cinematic synths for Omnisphere 2 then Prometheus is mayby a nice solution for you. Here you can find 96 different presets of different types where one of the main characteristics is the saturated epic sound, the compressed dynamics to add some "dark" cinematic vibes.

Epic Omnisphere 2 Soundbank
Prometheus for Omnisphere 2

The patches of this epic Omnisphere 2 Soundbank are inspired by the myths and persons around our hero, Prometheus. Starting from his father and son, continuing with the important gift of fire he gave to humanity and then the Zeus punishment. Finally, Hercules sets him free.

Here you can find nice monophonic cinematic synth basses perfect to fill the gap in the lower frequency with almost no dynamics. Or there are some epic pads and some clicky synth keys. Finally, some atmospheric pads and polysynths are completing this nice sonic journey to Greek Mythology.

Most of the sounds are mainly dominating the mids - for adding some gritty texture to you cinematic or even electronic compositions.

Once again it was a real pleasure to work with Omnisphere for this soundpack - it has so many quality options to craft my sounds and to convey the things I need in the sonic dimension of the world.

You can finally listen to all the included patches in our walkthrough video in our youtube channel below


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