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Equalizer is a sound-processing tool for adjusting the frequency and amplitude of a sound recording or live performance. It is often used in audio mastering, audio mixing, and music production.

Equalizer is a popular tool among professionals who work with music production. It can be used to adjust the balance between bass, mid-range, treble, and volume of the sound. Equalizers are also used to make adjustments on individual instruments in order to improve their tone or timbre.

The Equalizer can be useful in many ways such as:

- Mixing vocals and instruments so they have the desired volume levels in specific frequencies

- Adjusting bass frequencies

- Making voices clearer

- Make individual instruments to cut through the mix

- Make final small adjustments when mastering

- Color the sound in some situations

and many many other ...

We can use hardware or software equalizers today. There are so many great software pieces that have found their place into some of the biggest music studios.

There are a lot of equalizers types to choose from. When working in the box if we need a clear and transparent frequency manipulation we could use plugins like Pro Q by Fabfilter or our DAW stock plugin. For more coloration we could use eq plugins that emulates hardware units like AMEK EQ 200 or a Pultec emulation.

Generally with Compressor and Reverb Equalizer is the most common effect used in music productions.


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