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First library for Arturia Jup-8 V has been released Old Times contains 30 vintage synth patches

Arturia has greatly emulated an iconic 8 voice poly synth of the early 80's era and I found it so wistful creating those 30 synths that included in this library. Old Times is a sonic journey to the past.

Within its patches it encompasses the sound identity of the first years of the 1980 decade and it is a nice addition to those who need to add a touch of vintage color to their productions. It is both available for Arturia Jup-8 V and Analog Lab V users.

The type of the presets are classic synth keys, other longer, other pluckier. For example, the 15th one is adding a calming majestic brilliance with its sonic quality while Old Time 17 is more futuristic type with hollow body and crispy edges. The Old Time 18 is a keen synthesizer with a mid-size space. Old Time 19 is maybe my favorite one - it hides so much emotional vibes and sorrowful character. This sliding thing it does is a nice touch of vintage variation.

The Old Time 21 Mellow is an exalted-like sonic patch. Warmth is the main characteristic of Old Time 22. Old Time 24 has a weird motion and Old Time 25 is mellow and sedative.

Old Time 26 is bizarre and the next one is also. The Old Time 29 is a cheap atmospheric brass reed and the last one is a huge sci-fi sound - maybe some more delay or reverb could give it more epic power.

I really loved working for this JUP-8 compact collection. It is fairly small but includes so many auditory portions. I find myself that I will use something from here for my progressive rock band for sure - especially if the lyrics have a cosmic theme.

All presets performance video

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