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Free Serum presets - The experiment Vol.1

With its two-side approach to sound design The Experiment Vol.1, you can create unique and interesting waveforms with powerful formula parser of Xfer Serum and modulate elements of the sound with noise Osc. This innovative sound design pack offers a range of presets that you can experiment with to find the perfect noise pitch and explore new possibilities, And it is totally free!

Serum synth formula parser sound design is a powerful tool for creating fresh sounds from scratch. It allows sound designers to create complex sonic results by combining different mathematical parameters.

With this tool, sound designers can create unique and interesting sounds that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with traditional synthesis methods. And its result is very often very intriguing,

Thus the name of this Xfer records Serum soundbank. Are its presets useful? May they will find their place in your productions? Well. experiment furthermore and see - for free

Presets walkthrough video


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