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Free soundset for Diva synth with 30 vintage synths, Analog Cave is here

We introduce a free 30 pieces expanse for the great U-He Diva synth. With this soundbank I didn't mean to reinvent the wheel - I just want full, deep, rusty and dark analog sounds to Diva's output.

And of course for Diva this is bread and butter. Get into the Analog Cave of this synthesizer with this small addition for your sonic pallet.

2 Dimensions patch is so crispy while Analog Cave synth is the sonic incarnation of the 80's. Analog Cave 2 adds a bit of warm flavor to the recipe while Anima has a very distinctive character on the upper mids.

Travel in dark places with Dark Analog cinematic flavored scoring synth and move to the unique Dreaming Of World.

Epic adds movement to every track in a vibtage POV while Flowing Water sounds liquid, rusty and nostalgic.

Glitch in the System is a cheap synth and Glorious has a nice rhythm pattern, coming from the delay, with late seventies temper. Hollow Steps and Hollow Steps 02 pay homage to classic synth keys that was born a couple of decades ago. The White Clouds sounds so optimistic and bright while Trip is more mellow.

Listen to all presets in the video below


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