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Free U-He Diva patches, Bass Edge contains 24 bass synth presets

Bass Edge is a collection of 24 bass presets for U-He Diva synthesizer, created by Vicious Antelope. The presets were designed with that in mind, when a really cutting-the-mix-hard bass plucked line is the goal. They keep the vintage character of this great synth while trying to be a bit sharp and harsh.

It is a pack with a fixed set goal , razor-sharp bass lines. Using more coloration with effects like dist or saturators can add more flavor to those patches. Experience with that and see.

Not many things to mention for this. The sounds have a close character among them to serve the only reason this Diva expanse was made for.

Diva can handle those frequencies easily and could add a very crispy character if needed.

I could say this is a unique sound collection although it is not for every genre our there.

There are some modulation options to add subtle variations but I believe the best thing to do for adding more spicy flavor is to use a second distortion unit / plugin for an extra sharpness and dirtyness.

Presets video of this soundbank


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