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Free Xfer Serum patches - The Experiment Vol.2 with 40 synth presets

Experiment Vol.2 is a free soundbank for Xfer Serum synth consisting of 40 patches. The sound identity of the patches is depending by uncommon filters and with Serum's huge selection of filters, it was an easy and stimulating choice to experiment with them in unusual ways. They are all free to download and use in your music productions.

Using filter types like Combs, Reverb, Flanges, BandRejects and German LP among others gave this soundbank a very nice experimental timbres.

Listen to EXP64 vocal like sound or the EXP67's quick evolving ugly mellow organic experiment. The EXP69 is almost analog sounding with movement is stereo field and EXP70 has a cheap organ's timbre. Moving to EXP71 bright and repetitive sound an EXP72 resonant glassy almost synth. Final EXP78 sound is heavily dependent on the flanger effect device.

The macro knobs controls some aspects of the filter and the effects.

Working with Serum synth for a soundbank of this nature is a great way to result in some unexpected sounds.

This freebie can a be a useful small addition to producers who search new sonic fields to dress their music songs.

Presets walkthrough video

Try to keep optimal levels of your synth tracks to avoid digital clipping from the synth’s output for the best sounding results.


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