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Friday freebie, Mini Warmth synth patches for Arturia Mini V3 and Analog Lab V

Today we have released a new freebie for great Mini V emulation from Arturia. The 31 included patches are also available for Analog Lab V users.

The main reason of this pack is the creation of some legato performance with large dimensionally sounds. They are great for melodic passages for a vast music genres region. With its fat oscillators and the warmness of the filter we have created a nice vintage sounding soundset.

The patches are shining on all over the place. Reforming as deep and rusty basses in the lower registers, full of body leads in the mid registers and majestic bright solos in the higher ones.

In the presets walkthrough video we can easily listen to the influential 70's progressive rock temper which can be applied to other styles with ease.

I really loved working with Mini V synthesizer and I got excited by the resulting sound exhaling to my monitors. Very focused, "fatter" than life, nostalgia of the past, emotional fullness, sound is what we get here.

The many modulation options included give us the capability of creating interesting variations. For some presets I used the third Osc as an LFO to modulate things while on others I used all of the three oscillators as sound sources involving the additional Lfo the Mini V3 comew with. The nice thing is that in the presets that I used the Osc like a modulation source the sound is still fat and hefty.

Using the modwheel gives various results on each individual synths here.

Walkthrough of Mini Warmth free pack for Mini V3 and Analog Lab V.

Mini V3 ® is a registered trademark of ARTURIA SA
Analog Lab V ® is a registered trademark of ARTURIA SA


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