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Native Instruments Massive X patches - 100 Tastes

Upgrade your Massive X synth library pallet with 100 Tastes and explore an endless world of unique soundscapes. 100 Tastes provides an expansive synth library of 100 rich, one of a kind pads and soundscapes, with countless modulation options and MODwheel / Aftertouch capabilities that'll elevate your sound dimensions. Spice up the atmosphere of any techno or cinematic productions background aspect in music.

Native Instruments Massive X give us access to a wide range of innovative sounds, textures and tunes to design sounds in ways never before possible.

This dynamic virtual instrument offers a comprehensive range of deep and textured sound-designing options that can be used in film scoring, game soundtracks and electronic music sound experimentation. With this versatile synth, it is easy to craft new sonic environments and explore uncharted territories in synthesis.

The included Long pads and soundscapes designed with the great tools of this synth can create a musical atmosphere that has both an emotional and evocative impact. Used extensively in various genres these sounds create a beautiful ambience that captivates the listener and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

A lot of experimented sound here - it is definitely a non conventional soundbank.

Presets walkthrough video


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