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Native Instruments Massive X soundset - Distant Satellites

With 50 fresh, experimental sounds and sci-fi atmospheres, you can explore the infinite scapes of space and create the perfect soundtrack for your music journeys. Immerse yourself in the sonic majesty of the Milky Way and discover a new level of creativity with Distant Satellites! Take your sound one giant leap further and experience the 4 dimensions of sound!

Sci-fi music and atmospheres have been a source of inspiration for many creators and composers. Massive X from Native Instruments is a great tool for creating unique sounds and textures that evoke an otherworldly vibe. They can be used to create suspenseful, mysterious, or even futuristic soundscapes that bring the listener into a different world.

That was my main goal when crafting this unique soundbank. Here you could also find some retrofuturistic sounds - the residual in my taste of great movie composers from the past.

In general synths are an integral part of sci-fi music for creating sounds that are out of this world. From spacey drones to robotic rhythms Massive X is very inspiring synth for me. Thus the release of this soundset.

Presets walkthrough video


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