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Omnisphere 2 expanse, Aged String Machines contains 45 synth presets with vintage temper

Aged String Machines is a pack of 45 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. All of these presets have been created to emulate the sounds of vintage string machines and fall in line with nostalgic touches of sound design within this beautiful synth. The presets are rooted in old school synthpop, electronic, retro and new age music – perfect for adding that classic synth-string sound to your productions.

The main inspiration for this soundbank are the String Machines soundsources that included with Omnisphere 2, enriched with new sonic elements deriving from the usage of Unison, Ring Modulation, Waveshaper and other. A crucial part of the patches is the effect section - for all of them a spring is running parallel for adding some brilliance and lush spaces to the retro strings.

Dark and Dirty has a nice rusty distortion coming to the 2 sides of the stereo field and Dirty Wishes is even more saturated yet sentimental. Dream Of A Dystopia is a dark sci-fi patch synthpad while Evolving Brilliance is bright and "icy".

A very important part of the soundbank are the ten patches under Film Noir name. 100% Cinematic, 100% dark and gloomy, 100% huge and majestic - those 10 presets are influenced by specific contexts of various Film Noir movies. And the also carry this evocative sense that marks sonically this Omnisphere expanse.

HammondLike patch is heavily saturated and weird while In The Lake is dramatic and epic. Let It Be is a hymn to the universe and Majestica is a full sounding synth with legendary sonic dimensions. Mars From Here is a calm soothing key and Organstring is organic and punchy. Finally, we have the strange mood of Resonant Planets and the moving Skies Of Darkness.

Experiment with the Mod Wheel to add some rhythm with the help of the tremolo device or add more spring reverb for even bigger lush spaces. The soundbank has a vintage approach with some sci-fi touches. You can also find other sounds that might be less string oriented inside.

Watch all presets of this Omnisphere 2 soundset in the video below


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