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Omnisphere 2 new soundbank "Hera" release

Today we have released a brand new soundbank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere synth.

With 12 Gods: Hera I tried to achieve sound dimensions inspired by the ancient Greek Goddess in a very atmospheric way. It is like each sound is a different myth fact related somehow with Hera (or Juno according to Roman Pantheon).

Hera was the Goddess of the women, childbirth and Family was Zeus wife and queen of the Olympus Gods. A lot of myths are known for her and her personality. It was a great inspiration when I was trying to design those patches and I really enjoyed this one.

Each preset is based on bowed string instruments and handcrafted with love and hope to give you some interesting sound dimensions to your productions.

They fit perfectly for cinematic music but they could easily find their war to more rock / metal or even electronic and ambient music.

A presets walkthrough video is available on our Youtube channel here so you know what you buy before you pay.

New soundbanks for more and more synths and more and more genres and styles are on the way.

Stay tuned..


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