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Omnisphere 2 soundset - Cinesphere I

Introducing a new series of soundbanks for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Cinesphere I delivers a beautiful and powerful cinematic soundtrack music and game audio library ranging from the jaunty and playful to more intense, hard-hitting synth textures.

The Cinesphere I synth is a powerful tool for cinematic music production, and with its retrofuturistic sounds and it is an exciting addition to your sonic pallet, providing deep cinematic ambience and soundscapes for any music project.

Listen to textural atmosphere that Animal patch creates and the upward sonic development of Ascend patch. Beacon is a classic calm key like Black Chariot. Calculator has a dreamy essence in its hug and Carry On is a nice sound to add to transition cinematic parts. It has a brassy touch.

Moving to Dark Fields a pretty much conventional dark poly synth and Delicate Plex with its deep tone and then Dirt with its dirty touch. SciFi Patterns sounds so cheap but sweet and Secret Science is like was born within a laboratory. It can easily take its place in other genres like electronic or progressive rock among others.

This Omnisphere 2 expanse is multidimensional in terms of timbres and uses.

Presets walkthrough video


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