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Omnisphere 2 soundset - Omnisound Unique Guitars

Get ready to rock with Omnisound Unique Guitars! Our 4th soundbank of Omnisound series for Omnisphere 2 will take your music production to the next level with its 50 unique and experimental presets of acoustic and electric guitars in their core of sound.

This signature soundbank is filled with distinctive and never-before-heard tones that make it easy to create something truly unique!

Using guitar samples in synthesizers is a great way to add more experimental real instrument based depth and a kind of synth guitarish texture into musical compositions. With the grat Omnisphere's guitar soundsources, we can create unique soundscapes that blend the organic feel of a real guitar with the digital manipulation of a synthesizer. This allows to explore new sonic possibilities that were previously impossible or difficult to achieve with traditional instruments.

I tried to use this advantage combining those great soundsources with the unpararaller sound design tools of Omnisphere 2 for this non conventional soundset.

Presets walkthrough video


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