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Presets for Cherry Audio Mercury 6

A collection of 34 retro short synths presets for Cherry Audio Mercury 6 has been released under the name Pluck6. Ths sounds here embrace the decade of 80's as well as moving a bit forward into the early 90's and the melodic techno productions of that times.

Presets for Cherry Audio Mercury6
Pluck6 Soundbank's Artwork

This great synth emulation of a Roland Jupiter 6 is very capable of creating some stunning old school sounds with analog character that derives from those golden years for music.

In the soundbank we could listen to some classic "dancy" plucks with very snap attack, some very calming sonic colors, classic keys coming directly from the 1983, some plastic sounding soft shorts or some harpsi synthesized sounds or xylophone like synths.

Synthwave and retro techno are maybe the most suitable genres for this one. The delay for many of them is giving a nice rhythmic character and especially when it combined with the resonance of the filter we could have a very peculiar result.

You can grab the soundbank in the following link at our e-shop:

Below there is a demonstration video of all included presets


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