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Retro Cherry Audio Quadra Presets

Quadra Pads is a journey back to the 80's cinematic, progressive rock and early elecronic music styles. It contains 100 pads for the great Arp Quadra emulation by Cherry Audio.

Retro Cherry Audio Quadra Presets
Quadra Pads Artwork

Within its multidimensional but always vintage synth presets you could find dark atmospheric pads, emotional sonic adventures, gliding lead sounds on top of retro pads, sounds inspired by John Carpenter and full rich sounding presets that occupy the whole freqeuncy map. And all of them under the distinct Quadra synth sound.

I could describe this soundbank mainly as a homage to the period of the VHS videocassette movies soundtracks of one of my favorite decades, the glorious 80's.

There are many things to explore here and experimenting with different playing styles will lead to different interesting results. It was a real joy to work with Cherry Audio's Quadra to create this soundbank. So many memories came back to me from when I was a child.

Beside the vintage cinematic vibe of the preset pack I believe that the sounds could very easily fit to other genres of that "era" like progressive rock, early electronic music and synthwave / vaporwave.

An extensive video performing all 100 pads of this Retro Cherry Audio Quadra Presets collection is available below, from our Youtube channel.

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