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Serum Polysynths - 4 Serum Soundpacks

Serum Polysynths is a small collection of 4 soundbanks - the one of them is free.

Serum Polysynths Vol.1 (20 patches), Serum Polysynths Vol.2 (20 patches), Serum Polysynths Vol.3 (20 patches) and Serum Polysynths Vol.0 (free with 10 patches)

Those four small soundbanks are sold individually. They contain classic soundind poly synth presets in a conventional way. They carry a nice nostalgic mood that makes them a nice fit when the creation of out of this epoch feeling and emotion is the desired goal in your productions.

Xfer Records Serum beside being a very contemporary and modern synth is also very capable of breath sounds of the past.


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