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Serum presets - Technolove

With Technolove's 80 sounds, create the perfect techno beat! Whether you're into classic retro or even modern techno, this soundbank was designed to dive into the first days of this genre with classic patches that could be used also in contemporary melodic tracks.

Our Serum soundbank takes you on a sonic journey through the past with its handcrafted patches, ranging from dark basses to melodic leads. Create vintage soundscapes, and use the modulation options or the 4 macro buttons to create nostalgic sounds

You can find:

  • 10 Bass Presets

  • 9 Distorted Presets

  • 8 Hard Stab Presets

  • 7 Keys Presets

  • 11 Lead Presets

  • 12 Pad Presets

  • 13 Stab Presets

  • 10 Synth Presets

Techno music has come a long way since its early days. The first days of techno music saw the emergence of electronic dance music, which has become one of the most popular genres of music today. The early days of techno music were full of experimentation and exploration. Techno pioneers pushed boundaries to create something entirely new and exciting. They combined elements from funk, soul, hip-hop, and disco to create a sound that was unlike anything else at the time. The legacy of these early electronic dance music pioneers lives on today as techno continues to evolve into new and exciting sounds. From Detroit's underground scene to Europe's festival circuit, techno remains one of the most innovative and influential genres in modern music.

With modern synthesizers like the software Xfer Serum we could create nostalgic sounds and this was my main goal when designing this soundset.

Presets walkthrough video and a small vintage melodic techno song created with Technolove.

*(Kick and hats did not produced with Technolove" )


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