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Soundbanks for Arturia Clavinet and Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 have been released today

Today we introduce two new expanses with retro coloring sounds for Clavinet V by Arturia and Omnisphere 2.

Clavi Colors is a 40 piece preset pack with clavinet keys. Focused in funky styles those keyboards add an old fashioned touch reminding tones of songs we loved in the past. Clavinet is a very special instrument, heavily linked with funk and soul music. Superstition is a classy track using Clavi.

Arturia's emulation has a great feeling both in sound and performing those patches. Each different presets here is named after the role it could play in your productions. It is also available for Analog Lab V users.

Bass Funk has this nice punch, Boxy Funk has a boxiness enclosed and dark funk is mellow and gloomy. Flat Funk has almost no dynamics while Full Body Funk has a round mid sound. Guitar Funk has an electric guitar essence and Mute Funk is a muted and bright Clavi.

This expanse is pretty much concentrated to more funky, soul and RnB styles while it could make a nice job for Deep House cultured genre.


Moving to our next one 70's Hammonds we have to do with organic rock based keys with lo-fi character.

Another specific sonically soundbank containing 50 different versions of a low fidelity hammond inside a room with bad acoustic treatment. This soundbank exhales very rusty sounds with nice motion hiding inside their core.

This instrument is one of my favorites for sure so I tried to recreate some experimenting driven patches that both carry its typical sound with some additional touches of various sonic elements.

Hammond 08 sounds so vague. Hammond 09 is dulcet and full. Hammond 10 has a jazzy vibe. In the next patches we could listen to the majestic Hammond 23 and the harsh Hammond 24. Hammond 25 is sweeter while Hammond 26 has an empty body. The 35th patch is mid freq dominant with heavy retro ID, while Hammond 36 is a bit pluckier. Hammond 46 reminds an organ travelling through the universe and finally the last one is very distorted and dirty,

For both soundsets there is a dedicated preset walkthrough video where you can listen to all of the included sounds.

Clavi Colors Video

70's Hammonds Video


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