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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Bundle - 12 Gods with 600 synth presets

12 Gods Bundle is the Omnisphere collection of 12 soundsets for those who are looking to create their own complex soundscapes. From thundering drums to piercing melodies, from epic synths to folk sounds, the patches in this bundle will inspire and excite your sound design skills.

12 Gods Bundle contains all 12 soundbanks for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 with 600 presets designed for cinematic and electronic music.

It contains the following soundbanks:

  • 12 GODS: ZEUS: 50 patches inspired by the king of the 12 Greek Gods. Here you can find folklore sounds, epic synths, playable soundscapes and dark pads. The presets have a deep cinematic character.

  • 12 GODS: HERA: 50 unique atmospheric sounds inspired by the queen of the Greek Gods. All patches are based on bowed string instruments, creating atmospheric cinematic tension and ancient soundcolors.

  • 12 GODS: POSEIDON: 50 dark sounding patches with lots of dark space. It is part of the 12 Gods series, dedicated to the God of Sea according to Greek Mythology.

  • 12 GODS: ATHENA: 50 intellectual sounds like pads, organs, leads and poly synths. Most of them hold a melodic style identity and dressed with cinematic elements from sci-fi to electronic style soundcolors.

  • 12 GODS: APOLLO: 50 folk and ethnic patches soundbank. Its sounds are a journey through myths, epithets and persons connected with the God of Music according to the Greek pantheon. All presets are based on plucked strings inspired by Apollo’s lyre.

  • 12 GODS: APHRODITE: Inspired by the Goddess of Beauty. Its 50 sounds are focused on airy and beautiful soundscapes to recreate the beautiful nature of Aphrodite in a sonic dimension. Also, there are some fuller and darker patches that mirror the dark side of the Goddess as very often mentioned on Greek Mythology.

  • 12 GODS: HEPHAESTUS: 50 patches focused on creative percussive sounds with rich cinematic character and very often saturated tones to enhance the rhythm of your productions.

  • 12 GODS: ARTEMIS: 50 patches influenced by the Goddess Of Hunting in the Greek Pantheon. All sounds are suitable for fast melodic lines and focused primarily on cinematic, electronic and rock productions. There are 14 fast legato leads and 36 fast polysynths.

  • 12 GODS: HERMES: 50 ethereal synth patches inspired by the Messenger of Gods according to the Greek Pantheon. They are suitable as deep airy pads on cinematic and electronic music productions, wither modern or with a more vintage approach.

  • 12 GODS: DEMETER: 50 poly synth patches inspired by the Goddess of Harvest according to Greek pantheon. Here there are some analog classics keys and synths with evolving motion and vintage character.

  • 12 GODS: HESTIA: 50 calm keys and many of them have the same sonic characteristics with minor differences derived from modulation sources, especially ring modulation and frequency modulation, which are heavily used.

  • 12 GODS: ARES: Explore the capabilities of this great synth to craft epic sounds with the use of Orchestral Soundsources as well as its own Oscillators within these 50 patches.

Pack Contents:

  • 12 Omnisphere 2 Soundbanks with 600 patches

  • Zeus – 50 Folklore Sounds, Epic Synths, Dark Pads

  • Hera – 50 Bowed Strings

  • Poseidon – 50 Deep Tones

  • Athena – 50 Melodic Intellectual Sounds

  • Apollo – 50 Plucked Strings

  • Aphrodite – 50 Airy Soundscapes, Dark Sounds

  • Hephaestus – 50 Percussions

  • Artemis – 50 Fast Melodic Synths

  • Hermes – 50 Ethereal Synths

  • Demeter – 50 Analog & Evolving Poly Synths

  • Hestia – 50 Calm Keys

  • Ares – 50 Epic Sounds

The Omnisphere 2 soundbank provides a huge range of instruments and sounds. It is great for all styles of music, including cinematic, rock, folk and other including a variety of patches you need to compose your own soundscapes or build epic songs.

Each soundbank has its dedicated presets walkthrough video so you could check the sounds before you buy.


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