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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Soundbank - Scoring Synths Vol.1

Satisfy your cinematic needs with this collection of fresh, retro-inspired sounds. Scoring Synths Vol.1 features a diverse range of inspiring sounds that will make a great addition to your sound pallet.

The sounds are categorized as:

· Arps - 50 presets

· Retro Land - 1 preset

· String Machines - 10 presets

· Synth Bass - 15 presets

· Synth Long - 13 presets

· Synth Mono - 16 presets

· Synth Poly - 23 presets

· Textures - 4 presets

· Transition effects - 3 presets

· Trons - 5 presets

- Arpeggiator is a synthesizer feature which allows you to create melodies by playing notes in sequence.

The synth arp is a type of arpeggiator which provides an alternative to the traditional arpeggiator. It features an additional set of controls and it is often used in electronic music.

*Trons are using tron soundsources from this great Spectrasonics synth.

This soundbank have plenty of options in terms of categories or sounds. It is a nice integrated synth suite if you mainly produce cinematic flavored music.

Omnisphere 2 is an advanced software synth that is capable of creating a huge variety of synth sounds for many genres. It is perfect for cinematic sound design, and it has been used by some of the world's most famous film composers.

The software comes with a wide range of presets and a library of sounds which can be used to create new patches or modify existing ones. It also includes a number of features such as an arpeggiator, RM, built-in effects and more that allow users to tweak their sound further. With its flexible architecture, Omnisphere 2 can be used to create almost any type of music imaginable, from electronic dance tracks to orchestral scores and everything in between.

Creating Scoring Synths with this synth is a very interesting and prolific procedure. Both soundsources and digital Oscillators of Omnisphere are of the highest quality - with a huge variety of timbres and sound colors.

In the 10 different categories which included in this soundbank there is more than enough place for furthermore experimentation. As it is evident it the four videos of performing the patches it covers a lot of stuff - nostalgic leads, huge basses, creative polysynths, multidimensional arps, eclectic trons and 90's influenced patches.

Presets walkthrough videos


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