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Synths in Progressive Rock

Progressive rock is a genre of rock music that originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s when musicians experimented with new sounds. Progressive rock bands typically use synthesizers, which are electronic musical instruments that generate sound electronically.

Synths are often used by progressive rock bands to create psychedelic, ambient and spacey sounds. The genre also uses other types of instruments like drums, guitar, bass and piano keyboards. Synths can be used for more than just creating music - they have also been used for soundtracks for films.

There are many progressive rock bands who use synths in their songs including ELP, Pink Floyd, Aphrodite's Child and Rush among others. Progressive rock artists often use synthesizers to create melodies or adding different harmonies to create complex sounds.

The progressive rock genre has been around for almost 50 years, but it's still relevant today. Progressive rock artists are experimenting with synthesizers and other modern technology to create fresh innovative sounds that are still unique and original. The progressive rock genre is known for being experimental with its sound and style.

The different ways to experiment with synthesizers in progressive rock include:

  • Explore the sound characteristics of the different Oscillators

  • Exploit the nuances and identity of the filter types

  • Use modulation to add new dimensions or movement in a sound

  • Adding effects - internal or external - for further artistic and creative possibilities

  • Use different synthesis methods

Some of the most iconic synths of the past and the presets are Moog, Prophet, Arp 2600, DX7 and many many other

Here you could find a big collection of synth soundbanks for many different soft synthesizers focused in progressive rock - I am a very big fan of this genre.


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