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Synthwave Presets for GX80

A new soundbank with vintage sounds has been thrown today for Cherry Audio GX-80 which is one of my favorite synth emulations. Saturn Pads soundset contains 85 Synthwave Presets for GX80 with heavy nostalgic character embraced through all sounds.

Synthwave Presets for GX80
Saturn Pads for GX-80 Synth Vst Artwork

In the 85 presets of this collection my main target was to keep all the characteristics of the emulated synth as the core of the sounding results.

So I couldn't resist to first mention the Saturn Pad 77 preset - maybe the most eighties and Kate Bush like patch I have ever released.

Taking a quick look in this specific soundset we can say that we have a nice plethora of CS-80 pads. For the most part this soundbank is dedicated to mid and high frequencies - the bass ones are not very intense maybe with some exceptions. We have some quick attack pads and some classic evolving ones.

For example the Saturn Pad 01 is very emotional and organic. Saturn Pad 02 is costantly evolving with weird interesting pattern and Saturn Pad 03 is very soft - it could be my sound fellowship when watching the stars in the dark sky. Saturn Pad 06 has a nice plucky bell sound while in he background a classic pad sound is embracing its tones. The glissando of Saturn Pad 11 gives a unique dimension. Saturn Pad 19 is hollow but warm with warm edges and Saturn Pad 20 gives a nice rhythm pattern to lead the sound.

Saturn Pad 53 is almost creepy, Saturn Pad 55 is evolving with its own rules, Saturn Pad 61 is controlled by the Ring Modulation device, Saturn Pad 62 has a pseudo epic vibe, Saturn Pad 67 is so calming and soft, Saturn Pad 72 is very unique and experimental and finally Saturn Pad 74 is like someone stands back in 1984 and watch the sunset alone.

The last six presets are very experimental and I believe that they are more sound fx rather than pads.

A complete preset walkthrough video is available to our Youtube Channel below

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