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Neptune Pads for Cherry Audio GX-80 synth

Today we have released the last part of our "planets pads" soundset series for Cherry Audio GX-80 synth. Neptune Pads contains 31 emotional and moving synth pads with heavy 80's inspiration withing their sonic world.

Cherry Audio GX-80 synth
Neptune Pads for GX-80 | Artwork

Neptune Pads is a nice addition for synthwave, new age and 80's cinematic music producers and composers as well as some other music genres.

GX-80 is a very versatile synth with a discrete sound and it is capable of some nice sound design methods to create stunning and vintage results.

Let's have a small journey throughout this very soundbank. Neptune Pad 01 is the epitome of the 80's sci-fi film music and some ambient tracks of back then, Neptune Pad 02 is moving back and forth and has a nice lo-fi character while Neptune Pad 03 is more plucky with bell like quality - perfect for softer parts. Neptune Pad 04 is a homage to classic 80's synths and Neptune Pad 06 glide is perfect for some interstellar journeys throughout the galaxies. Neptune Pad 07 is empty of music colors but it brings some nasty dirty on the higher frequencies. Neptune Pad 09 is emotional and heartbraking while Neptune Pad 11 could easily be a pad of some 90's hardware synths.

Neptune Pad 13 has a multidimensional sound and Neptune Pad 14 adds more sentiments to the music. Neptune Pad 15 is a rhythmic like pad to add some excitement and movement and Neptune Pad 17 is more mid frequency dominating. Neptune Pad 19 is dreamy and Neptune Pad 21 sounds very experimental and emotional. Neptune Pad 23 is bringing some nice evolving attack to the field and finally Neptune Pad 29 is warm, soft and calming.

Grab the soundbank for 5€ at our website here:

Presets walkthrough video

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