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Uranus Pads for Cherry Audio GX-80

Uranus Pads for Cherry Audio GX 80 released today and it contains 60 pad presets being comprised of rhythmic patterns and moving throughout the stereo field. The sounds keep all the matchless sonic characteristics of the CS-80 emulated synth.

Uranus Pads for Cherry Audio GX-80 Presets
GX-80 Presets | Uranus Pads Artwork

Let's explore this GX80 soundbank!

Uranus Pad 01 is punchy and somehow classic in terms of sounding, Uranus Pad 02 adds some saturated soft plucky vibes, Uranus Pad 03 is sounding like a contemporary electronic music synth with a nice rhythm pattern lead the sound, Uranus Pad 05 is punchy and dreamy, Uranus Pad 08 is very atmospheric and Uranus Pad 09 is like rising to the skies.

Uranus Pad 14 is very peculiar and rusty, Uranus Pad 16 is a synthwave preset, Uranus Pad 25 is celestial and icy full of emotions, Uranus Pad 34 is unusual but with deep atmosphere, Uranus Pad 35 is a euro-pad synth, Uranus Pad 42 is hollow and vintage, Uranus Pad 46 has an emotional and warm sound and finally Uranus Pad 58 is a classic 80's cinematic pad.

The soundbank fit for vintage film underscore (films of the VHS era), Synthwave, darkwave and early electronic genres. You can grab it at our e-shop:

This is the 7th "Planet" Pads series preset pack for GX-80 and in the next days Neptune Pads will be released to close this interesting sonic exploration. More cinematic presets either polysynths or lead synths will be released for this gigantic sounding synth by Cherry Audio.

You can watch a full video of presets demonstration below

GX-80 ® is a registered trademark of Cherry Audio

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