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U-He Diva Bundle - Bites 100 synth patches

The Bites Bundle offers three different soundbanks for U-He Diva synthesizer.

Short Bites preset pack:

  • High-quality plucky presets with their own character that will never sound generic.

  • 40 biting sounds to inspire you to produce something totally new.

  • Designed for producers and artists in mind, so it'll be a breeze to make instant plucky melodies

Medium Bites preset pack:

  • 30 deep and dreamy synth tones

  • The sounds in this pack are mainly focused on electronic music style of the past

  • Inspiring patches that will add that extra something to your track.

Long Bites preset pack:

  • 30 long pad synths

  • They're designed to range from warm and rich, to icy cold and crunchy

  • Invoke the powerful sound of the synth, with a varying tone palette.

U-He Diva is a software synthesizer with a sound that is inspired by hardware synthesizers from the past.

It has a variety oscillators, two envelopes and two LFOs. Sonically Diva is varying from warm to crispy.

Presets were designed with Diva 1.4.4 (Rev.9709) and run best with this or newer edition.


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