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U-He Diva Patches - Sorrowful Synths - 50 Synth Presets

If you long for the days of the old synthesizers, then Sorrowful Synths is a nice collection of vintage classic poly synths! With these presets, you'll be able to take your U-He Diva synth and turn it into a retro piece of nostalgia. This soundbank comes with 50 warm patches with a bittersweet taste.

In the presets walkthrough video below you could easily listen to the old time sonic feeling of all 50 patches.

Diva synth is a synthesizer that is popular among electronic music producers today. It is a very versatile instrument because it can produce a wide range of sounds and has many features that allow the user to create new soundsc- especially with a vintage full sonic character.

One of the most important feature of the Diva Synth is its types of Synth engine, emulating or being inspired by 6 different synths within its 5 options - Triple VCO, Dual VCO, DCO, Dual VCO Eco and Digital engines.

Every one of those five options have been used in this vintage sounding library to add a variety of musical timbres and distinctive characteristics to the included patches.

Some sound patches have a subtle glide to add some emotional movement in their beginning.

The first patches of the bank are named after their epoch's sound characteristics. For example, the first patch is "Sorrowful 40's" as it reminds me like the synth signal pass through an old rusty gramophone.

The sounds are not just limited to a specific genre. Mainly those sounds could mainly designed with cinematic, game audio, rock and vintage electronic styles in mind, but I think that they could find their place in other genres.

The patches have a multidimensional placement in the stereo field - this one derives from the stack index that adjusting the pan mode of Diva.

The main characteristic of the sound on those presets is the sad sorrowful feeling. It's a bit too dark and gloomy for mostly, especially when you combine it with a slow or mid tempo.

The two main reasons begind the creation of this Diva soundbank were to craft a melancholic sound identity while keep the retro feeling - this is where U-He Diva shines at my ears.

You could grab Sorrowful Synths here

Presets walkthrough video - All 50 patches real time performance, No editing except a brickwall limiter to catch propable peaks that could clip the sound digitally.


Try to keep optimal levels of your synth tracks to avoid digital clipping from the synth’s output for the best sounding results.

DIVA ® is a registered trademark of Heckmann Audio GmbH


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