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U-He Diva presets - The Analog Flavor Vol.2

Experience a soul-stirring sound journey with the Analog Flavor Vol.2 soundbank for U-He Diva great synthesizer. Revive your productions with this remarkable pack of sounds coming out from DIVA's distinctive oscillators, with the extend use of Voice Detune and other modulation settings that beautifully capture and enhance the retro vibe.

Intensify the vintage sonic identity for different genres by adding a pleasing old-school touch with 15 bass, 20 long synths, 20 lead synths, and 25 short synths!

With this Diva soundpack you could feel the authentic, warm vintage sounds of this Analog styled synth.

Diva is one of the most popular analog-sounding synthesizers available today. It’s designed to emulate vintage synths from the past, making it easy for musicians to create music that sounds like what was being released back in the golden ages.

I used its powerful sound design abilities to create this 75 patches pack. These presets can be also used as starting points for creating your own unique sounds to and create lush sonic textures and adding that classic analog feeling to your music.

Presets walkthough video


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