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U-He Repro 1 patches - Rewind

Step back in time with Rewind - Repro 1! Our vintage mono lead presets soundset brings the classic, nostalgic sound of analog synths straight to your fingertips. Enjoy the huge variety of soft leads, warm leads, flutish leads, and more! Repro offers a range of different internal chips that can be used to create unique sound variations with the same osc and filter settings. From the P1 and P5 chips for Osc , to Crispy and Rounded filters, to Normal or High sustain chips for the envelopes the vintage feeling is boosted within this monster soft synth by U-He.

The soundbank is a comprehensive resource for those looking to explore the world of electronic music. It features a wide range of genres, from Techno and Progressive House but additionally to Progressive Rock and Cinematic music. With its expansive library of monophonic sounds it is a very interesting option in creating retro analog melodic parts to captivate the listeners with the vintage soundcolor that the exhale.

u-he's Repro 1 is a powerful analog-modeling synth that emulates iconic vintage synthesizer. It offers a wide range of lead mono sounds, from classic leads to vintage sounding basses. This soundbank is really so nostalgic and reminds of the past era.

Presets walkthrough video


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