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U-He repro 5 patches - The Cloak

Unlock the power of creativity with The Cloak's 60 patch soundset for Uhe Repro 5 synth! Get ready to be blown away by its dynamic, retro and vintage-style presets - perfect for crafting classic polysynth keys and evolving pads. Enjoy full 6 voice synths with panning in different positions in the stereo field to create a wider image plus in some patches the second oscillator used as an LFO for added movement. Unleash your musical genius with The Cloak's powerful effect chain and create unique & inspiring sounds today!

U-he Repro 5 emulating a Prophet classic hardware, is a powerful synthesizer plug-in that enables musicians to create unique warm sounds and textures. It is capable of creating a wide range of sounds, from classic analog to modern digital. With a nice selection of parameters and features, U-he Repro 5 provides an unprecedented level of control over the sound you create.

Whether you are looking for an authentic vintage analog sound or creating something entirely new, U-he Repro 5 has the tools you need to make it happen. It is one of my favorite synth for sure - for a reason.

From prog rock to sci-fi, electronic and retrofuturism, this very soundbank allows users to explore the creative possibilities of sound design.

Presets walkthrough video


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