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U-he Repro 5 preset bank - Rusty Synths

Step into the world of warm rustic vibes with Rusty Synths. 80 vintage synth presets to add unique retro and colorful character to electronic genres, rock and metal music and cinematic - game audio productions.

Boasting a full arsenal of 80 retro-inspired presets, you can now bring character to any production with this nostalgic collection. From classic 1970s bass sounds to electro-tinged leads and beautiful cinematic pads, Rusty Synths is an essential tool to make old school-style beautiful music quickly and easily.

Repro 5 synth is perfect for capturing the warmth and depth of the vintage analog synthesizer it emulates, with realistic recreations of classic sounds and sought-after signature tones from various genres. of the past.

Retro 5 Synth is maybe the ideal choice for creating cinematic music and progressive rock with a vintage synth-feel. This type of synthesized sounds opens up a plethora of possibilities for musical creativity and experimentation.

From classic-style film scores to avant-garde electronic music, Rusty Synths presets give you the tools to produce cutting edge and artistically progressive melodies. Timeless tones, atmospheres, classic lp filter, reverb and more can be explored within the tools of Repro 5.

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