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Xfer Records Serum Presets - Pads Of Earth

Pads Of Earth is a freebie soundbank for Serum. It contains 30 musical yet almost textural pads that are very suitable for cinematic, electronic, and new age music productions.

Xfer records' Serum is a synth plugin that can be used to generate evolving. textural and moving long pad sounds. It uses wavetables at its core of synth engine to create complex sounds. It offers a lot of modulation options and effects to manipulate the resulting sound and experiment with new unique stuff.

Serum can be used in two ways:

- as an instrument

- as an effect processor on its own

This free soundbank is exploring some of the warmth colors that this synth can exhale to its sounds.

Using long pads in our productions could vary in creativity - here the main goal is to add some subtle characteristics in the background of our productions in a variety of music genres.

Pads often offer a harmonic base and an atmospheric hug to the whole track. Due to their slow envelope settings they are not used often for melodic purposes - although that doesn't mean that they cannot provide melodic aspects. They are being used in all kinds of genres, from hip-hop to house music and from metal to cinematic and other.

Exploring our planet in a sonic way full of atmospheric aspect was the result of this freebie for Xfer Records Serum.

Presets walkthrough video


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