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Xfer Serum Presets - EDM Shorts Vol.2

The second soundbank for EDM Shorts for Serum is here. EDM Shorts Vol.2 continues our sonic journey to modern pluck synth sounds that has begun with EDM Shorts Vol.1

EDM Shorts Vol.2 is the perfect way to spice up your modern electronic tracks with a new and different sound while maintaining the dance floor!

They all sound modern and they fit for a variety of dance music genres.

EDM short pluck synth sounds are very very popular in the contemporary EDM scene. They are often used for a number of purposes such as melodic pattern creation transitions and sound effects.

EDM short pluck synth sounds are typically used in the background of a song because they provide an instant upbeat and energetic feeling to it. They can be placed to all section of the songs due to their sound character.

Presets walkthrough video

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