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Xfer Serum presets - New Dimension

Looking new sonic explorations for your Progressive & Deep House productions? New Dimension for Serum is here! With 80 presets designed specifically to bring atmosphere and emotion to your music, discover the majestic dreamline and mystical sound identity with Xfer's Serum synth.

When it comes to setting up a unique subtle rhythm for your music production the pads here are a good choice. Beside that is has some leads, bassed and drum patches.

These presets are useful to create new heard sounds and colors that can be used to add depth and complexity to a track.

By combining different settings of Serum's synth parameters, with this sound library we can add in deep house, house music and other genres of electronic music a classic vintage sound.

Serum synth is an innovative music production tool that is revolutionizing the way music producers create and mix sounds. With its intuitive user-interface, Serum synth allows users to easily manipulate sounds and create complex textures and patterns. It also includes a variety of powerful effects, modulation tools, and wavetable synthesis capabilities that make it a great choice for creating unique and expressive soundscapes. It's no wonder that Serum synth has become so popular among music producers looking to take their productions to the next level.

Taking advantage of Serum's great tools I created this retro to modern era sounding patches focused in electronic music.

Presets walkthrough video


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