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40 pad presets for U-He Hive 2 , Mellow Pads contains 90's sounding synths

40 pads for U-He Hive 2 synthesizer. Features a complex soundbank with real movement. The Mellow Pads pack explores the unique sound of the Hive 2, utilizing a variety of tonal character and movement, these pads will bring an air of serenity to your next track!

One of the most important factors in the creation of new music is innovation. In order to create new sounds and unique layers in a song or album, engineers have created many different ways to experiment with technology . One of these innovative ways consists of using synthesizers with many contemporary tools and modern sounding to recreate the armospheric vibes of music from the past - hereto of the 1990's.

This Hive 2 expanse exhales a calm temper with nostalgic emotions.

I have been using the Function 1 and Function2 modules of this synth a lot in this soundbank. Those two are inspired by the respectively modules of Eurorack modular synthesizers and they are capable of adding an extra touch of movement to the sound in a variety of possible ways.

Take a listen to the dark Chorused Voices and the HIgh Frequency content of Crystal Clear 02 patch. Get lost in the infinity of Endless Dreams and feel the Ghosts In Ice. I Am Lost is a nice remebrance of older synths-keys with a touch of vintage feeling tremolo and Iceland hugs a cold atmosphere within its sonic dimensions. Mellow Darkness have an overdriven guitarish feeling in its beginning of its sonic journey while Mellow Darkness 02 is more of a futuristic synth - at least the way we were perceiving the future back in late 80's. More Dreams has a clilling style and finally Mountain Voice is a classic pad deriving from any synth of the 90's.

Using Aftertouch instantly will add some interesting pitch variation.

In a few words U-He Hive 2 is a complete tool for sound design. It sounds modern but also it is more than capable of make journey back in time. The two functions generators are the salt and pepper for succesfull sound recipes. Many new soundbanks for this great synth are on their way

Video - Presets walkthrough


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