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Cinematic presets bundle for U-He Zebra 2 synthesizer

This comprehensive sound suite includes 225 unique patches, covering a wide range of musical genres and styles. Create captivating melodies and soundscapes, and add powerful production elements to your cinematic tracks with ease. With our expressive library of sounds, you'll be able to create the perfect soundtrack for any project.

Explore a wide range of styles from classic-sounding to experimental, and create beautiful emotions with each patch. Cinematic Synths Bundle contains our 3 soundbanks of this series for U-He Zebra 2 for a total of 225 patches.

Here you can find

  • 20 Keys- Organs

  • 20 Mono Synths

  • 20 Pads

  • 20 Poly Synths

  • 20 Soundscapes

  • 15 Epic Leads

  • 20 Moving Basses

  • 65 Poly Synths and Pads

  • 25 percussions

Synths are becoming an increasingly popular tool for creating cinematic music and game audio. They allow composers to create complex and interesting soundscapes that can be used to enhance the atmosphere of any game or movie. Synths can also help to create a unique sound for the game or film, giving it an identity of its own. By combining synths with traditional instruments, composers have the ability to create a unique and powerful audio experience.

Zebra 2 is a powerful tool for creating immersive audio experiences for gaming and cinema. With its intuitive interface, it's easy to see why it's become so popular among professionals in the industry.

Demo song video


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