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Cinematic Synths Vol.2 for U-He Zebra 2

Experience the power and beauty of true cinematic sound creation with Cinematic Synths Vol.2 This unique library of 100 Zebra 2 presets will help you breath movement and emotion in your cinematic or game audio tracks, Fat analog lead synths, basses that move around for underneath motion and sentimental synths and pads are some of the patches in this one.

Perfect for adding some cinematic flavor and for creating emotionally charged parts to a variety of genres like cinematic music, sci-fi themes, progressive rock, post rock and more.

Zebra 2 is a powerful synth that allows its users to create amazing sci-fi and ambient sounds. Its variety in OSCilattors, tools to mangle and redesing them, a ton of filters and a great number of modulators - and all of them with its unique full sound.

Cinematic music was, is and will be an integral part of films, video games and other audio projects. Synths are considered to be one of the most powerful tools in sound design. From orchestral sounds to sci-fi music, soft synths offer composers a way to quickly get inspired and create unique and cinematic soundscapes. With the right selection of synthesizers and soundsets, one can recreate any type of atmosphere in their projects today. Zebra is totally on the top notch of those synths.

Presets walkthrough video

Demo Song video - For this one I used all 3 CInematic Synths series soundbanks


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