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Cinesphere II for Omnisphere 2 - 50 cinematic synth presets

The Cinesphere II is another take on building a Cinematic Omnisphere Soundbank to use right inside your DAW. This expanse contains 50 patcehs that are heavily inspired by Gojira’s track Another World. These presets add some quick and gritty synth sounds that you can use to make the mix sound edgy and cutting.

Add a gloomy and melodic touch to your cinematic flavored productions. Many of these sounds are filled with distortion, which is perfect for rhythmic or harmonic performances. If you want timed delays to end up sounding accurate and creating nice patterns, it's best to keep the synth playing notes close to its values in time.

These cinematic synth sounds can be used in a variety of different musical genres. They especially complement the more techno-heavy genre beautifully.

Most presets have a percussive attack sound because of the AMP envelope curve. If you're looking to make the sound a little more smooth, then consider increasing the attack section of the AMP envelope and/or the filter envelope’s one.

If you're looking to add more body in the sound adjusting the Decay section of amp envelope may do the job.

Presets walkthrough video


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