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Eerie Atmospheres - Serum patches

Step into the unknown with Eerie Atmospheres for Xfer Serum synth. Our soundbank of 30 long synths will help you achieve that haunting, out-of-this-world atmosphere for your productions. Whether you're looking to add a mysterious edge to your cinematic soundtracks, or create a dreamy ambience for electronica, rock or ambient genres, Eerie Atmospheres will be a nice weapon. Unlock the secrets of a world beyond with Eerie Atmospheres.

This unique collection of sounds are tailored to bring out the mysterious aspects of the sonic dimension, and provide a range of mid and high frequencies to create an eerie atmosphere. With our 4th macro assigned to multiband compression in Serum, you can add even more musicality to your soundscape if that's needed.

Experience a unique sound palette with Atmosphere 17's haunting choirs, Atmosphere 18's textured and weirdly moving soundscapes, and Atmosphere 24's Shepard-like tone.

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